Wii Uが不調の理由は任天堂の開発者の英語力が問題か?



Wii U向けゲームの海外開発者によるWii U向けゲームの開発の舞台裏が書かれた面白い海外記事がありました。






Wii Uが不調な理由の一つとして、ソフト不足があると言われていますが、根っこにある問題は海外任天堂のサポート体制かもしれませんね。



Now that the game was up and running on the console we could start developing features that would use the new controllers and make our game stand out on the platform. But soon after starting this we ran into some issues that the (minimal) documentation didn't cover, so we asked questions of our local Nintendo support team. They didn't know the answers so they said they would check with the developers in Japan and we waited for a reply. And we waited. And we waited.After about a week of chasing we heard back from the support team that they had received an answer from Japan, which they emailed to us. The reply was in the form of a few sentences of very broken English that didn't really answer the question that we had asked in the first place. So we went back to them asking for clarification, which took another week or so to come back. After the second delay we asked why it was taking to long for replies to come back from Japan, were they very busy? The local support team said no, it's just that any questions had to be sent off for translation into Japanese, then sent to the developers, who replied and then the replies were translated back to English and sent back to us. With timezone differences and the delay in translating, this usually took a week !

Wii U すぐに遊べるファミリープレミアムセット(シロ)
Wii U すぐに遊べるファミリープレミアムセット(シロ)

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